•   Steps to Writing an AR Quiz

    1.         Read a book. Check with Ms. Baskerville to see if there is an Quiz available.
    2.         Determine with Ms. Baskerville how many questions there should be for this book.
    3.         Take the total number of pages and divide by the number of questions.
    4.         Write a question for each section of the book

    For example:
         Book--120 pages
         For each 12 pages, write a question.

    5.           Write one question and the correct answer.
    6.           Write three more incorrect but reasonable answers.
    7.           Bring the quiz (preferably word processed) and the book to Ms. Baskerville. She will use the AR rules for determining reading level and points and enter the quiz into the AR system.
    8.           Ms. Baskerville will let you know as soon as the test is available to take.

     Thank you for your willingness to write an AR test. This is good for you (you get the points and possibly some extra credit) and for the whole school (who can now take your test).