• If eligible to apply for Teen of the Month, you will be notified by Sept. 1st.

    The following is presented to eligible Senior Students in August. It is posted here for reference. If a student is not directly contacted by Mrs. Shepherd regarding Teen of the Month, he/she is not eligible to apply.

     Dear Senior Student:

    You are receiving this letter because you have the potential to be nominated for the Dawson County Elks Teen of the Month. This letter is an invitation to compile a packet to enter the competition.  Each month a student representative from Cozad, Lexington, Gothenburg, & Eustis-Farnam meet in Cozad to present one boy and one girl from each school into the selection process.  They then select a winning boy and winning girl.  Those winners’ packets are then forwarded to local papers for publication, but more importantly it adds a lofty accolade for your scholarship resumes.  As a month winner, you are then eligible for further scholarships.  In the past at the end of the school year, every student who is nominated by his or her school to submit a packet will be invited to a dinner/reception ceremony paid for by the local Elks Lodge.

    There are some stipulations on how the packet must be constructed.  Each packet must be bound in some kind of folder or binding system.  Inside each packet you must have a cover page including a senior picture and the application form (which is available on the Counselor’s Website) typed, all sections complete.  You should also include other items that set you apart from others such as transcripts, ACT score reports, NHS awards, community service recognition, etc.  The more you showcase your achievements the better are your chances of winning.  This can be done in the form of a resume. I have several example packets from previous years in my office that I encourage you to look through. It is also a good idea to include a letter of recommendation from one of your teachers. You should ask the teacher for this at least two weeks prior to the selection date if possible. Finally, you will need to ask me for a copy of your transcript.

    I hope that you will begin this process early as your senior year can be a very busy time. Selection for Teen of the Month will be held the last Wednesday of each month.  Please have your packet completed and submitted by Friday, September 15th, or you will forfeit your turn.  If you have questions or need help in constructing your packet, feel free to contact me.

    Mrs. Shepherd