• Submitting Scholarship Applications to Mrs. Shepherd

    Info for Submitting Scholarship Applications to Mrs. Shepherd

    Following are some guidelines/tips for submitting scholarship applications to me. If you have questions about specific scholarships or procedures, don’t hesitate to ask. However, please do understand that as seniors, you are expected to be responsible for keeping track of due dates, making sure you’ve completed each application as required in the instructions, and for submitting the application to the proper location. This is a necessary part of becoming self-sufficient as you transition from high school and into college.

    Although many scholarships flow through my office, several require you to mail them to an alternate committee or to submit the app online. Be sure to read all directions when submitting your applications.

    To submit a scholarship application to me, either place it in my mailbox in the west office or bring it to my office. I don’t generally accept scholarships that are brought to me in a chance meeting (e.g. in the hallway, at lunch, etc) as to avoid misplacing the scholarship. This allows me to properly file your application.

    When you submit a scholarship application to me to be sent on to another party, I don’t read them or double check to make sure everything has been included. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS THE APPLICANT and they will be sent on exactly as you submit them to me. Keep in mind that some committees will disqualify applications that are missing the required information.

    Be sure to proofread your application. Some committees will disqualify an application due to spelling or grammatical errors.

    If a transcript is needed, request one from me utilizing the yellow Transcript Request Form located outside my office. I will print the transcript for you, and you will need to enclose it in the application BEFORE you submit the application to me. I have a folder for each of you, and I place the Transcript Request Form in that folder to keep track of how many transcripts you’ve requested and where they have been sent.

    Make sure your resume is current and up to date. On many apps, they will ask for a list of activities/involvement. On most, you can simply write, “Please see attached resume” and then include your resume in the packet.

    Use a photo and clear cover on scholarship apps, unless the form specifically states to NOT include a photo.

    Continue checking the Scholarship spreadsheet on the website and make sure you’re keeping track of due dates.

    Again, don’t hesitate to ask questions, especially for the first few scholarships you fill out. As you complete subsequent scholarships, the process will become easier and less stressful. You’ll also find that several applications request similar essays so save a copy of each one you submit---it will likely save you a lot of time and effort in the long run