• My Role as a K-12 Counselor
    Melissa Shepherd, Eustis-Farnam Schools

    Three Main Areas:
    Career Education
    Personal/Social Development

    Academic Role
    To help students succeed academically
    Work as a “go between” in order to aid in effective communication and the establishment of expectations of both the teacher and the student
    Encourage students to set and achieve academic goals
    Often involves helping students through personal issues they are dealing with at home or outside of school

    Career Education Role 
    Help students explore their options and goals
    Post-secondary options (most common)
                College (2-year, 4-year, voc-tech, specialist degrees)
    Additional future planning and skills
                Job shadows, interview skills, presentations, career and college fairs, and resumes
                Learning styles, likes/dislikes, interests, skills, Pre-ACT, ACT, ASVAB, Accuplacer exams

    Personal/Social Counseling
     Empower students to make the best choices for themselves and others involved in given situations
     Help students explore their options and the possible consequences of those options
     My role is NOT to give students advice or tell them what I think they should do
     Refer students to outside counselors as necessary
     Report specific disclosures as necessary (see Confidentiality link on Counselor’s Webpage)